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Set 6 kom gold master series edition
37,83 €
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Set 6 kom gold master series edition

37,83 €
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Rose gold edition brushes with cap - Master series Japan.

The brushes come in a rose gold metallic colour with cap, they are made by hand from the finest and softest synthetic hair. Before first use, the brush should be cleaned out of factory adhesives with your fingers, and then wiped gently into a wet baby tissue and/or cleaner. Brushes remain soft if you pay attention of mantainig them and not exposed directly to any light or heat with gel / gel polish residues on them.


# 1 GEL BASE & TOP MASTER - straight cut long brush ideal for applying base but also perfect for drawing french (for all those who like to draw franch with a flat brush this brush is ideal and precise )

# 2 GEL BUILDER MASTER - a shorter, thicker rounded brush ideal for building gels, especially thicker and jelly ones , nicely shapes the gel in the area around the cuticles. Also suitable for the base of small nail plates.

# 3 COLOR GEL MASTER – oval longer brush for applying color gel precisely in the area around the cuticles, also suitable for build / building nails with building gel due to its special shape( especially with more fluid gel textures and no file techniques ).

# 4 PERFECT LINER / SHADING MASTER - thin long brush, extremely elastic! Ideal for shading technique with fluid materials (gel polish) as well as for drawing long precise lines (liner), help with gel polish in the area around the cuticle, for lines in drawing french, must have for all lines .

# 5 SLIMMY - short hair that is elastic and bends very nicely and follows movements without „cracking“ the lines , especially for drawing ornaments and small details, as well as for outlines with non sticky gels

# 6 FRENCH MASTER - diagonal cut brush intended for drawing french . For everyone who is used to this cut brushes in the angles of the french, but also for drawing french, the # 1 gel base & top master is also recommended due to the extremely precise and sharp, straight lines.

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