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J.-Laque #277 Assaggiami - 10ml
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J.-Laque #277 Assaggiami - 10ml

11,81 €
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Dolce far niente - Must-have collection of #summer2024

Introducing Dolce far niente, new summer2024 collection where sun-kissed charm meets subtle sophistication, allowing you to shine with effortless glamour.🥥🍸🍋

Once again, we are setting trends. With an already existing rich selection of neon shades, this summer we bring you something different. From the sun-kissed Tuscan vineyards to the serene shades of the sea, each tone is inspired by the romantic spirit of Italian summer. With its wide spectrum of colors, this collection will fully satisfy everyone's taste. 🌴🍸🌊

This summer, mix and match a harmonious blend of five #timeless summer shades bursting with vibrancy and five stunning #summeredition MOST WANTED cat-eye colors. The palette ranges from bold hues to fresh and airy cat-eye effects, so you can shine in every occasion. From the beach days to wild parties to formal events, we've covered everything.🧡💜💛

Plan your summer getaway with the Dolce far niente collection of timeless classics. Because it's sweet to do nothing.

#276 Bellinissima #Bellinigirl 🍹
#277 Assaggiami #tasteme 🍉
#278 Balliamo #let'sdance 💃🏻
#279 Ciao bella #hibeautiful 😉
#280 Toccami #touchmebaby 😈
#281 Le sue perle #herpearls 💎
#282 Baci baci #kisskiss 💋
#283 Costa blu #bluecoast 🌊
#284 Chiamami #callme 📱
#285 Tramonto #sunset 🌅

*5 classic fully pigmented colors that can be combined with or without the cat-eye effect.

*Cat-eye in the summer version has never been more sought after - from gentle and airy to neon and vibrant, just one layer and different strokes with magnets are enough to achieve crazy and shimmering shades.

*LITTLE TIP: how to work with magnets and cat-eye colors - check here ➡ Cat-eye video

IMPORTANT NOTE: Realistic color representation via screens is not possible. For a more realistic color display - please watch the video on the side of the product description or visit our IG profiles. @jananails_shop & @jananails_official

J.-Laque colors that will amaze you - deep, pigmented, dense and high in coverage, certain shades can cover even with the first layer!

Our color texture does not leak and does not ooze out into the cuticle and sides during the working process, they are applied easily and will not shrink or slip off the nail. Gel polishes are also suitable for nail art due to their pigmentation and texture.

Apply in two thin layers for deep and 100% covering shades and close the edges of the nail!

Important note: Before purchasing and using J.-Laque gel polish, please make sure you have the suitable drying lamps.

Our gel polishes dry only and exclusively in combined UV/LED lamps with a power of at least 48 W.

If you are experiencing color "shrinkage", this can always be a sign that the product is not curing well.


  • Apply in thin layers.
  • ·Apply evenly with a flat brush in extremely thin layers.
  • Pay attention to how the clients hold their hands in the lamp (especially the thumbs).
  • Check the lamp and its power (make sure you use the correct lamps with the appropriate power). The lifespan of comby lamps is approx. 1 year (1.5 years). Diminishing working power of the lamps can first be noticed with pigmented colors and glosses. Although they still "work", the effect will not be the same.

Drying: comby UV/LED or LED lamp with a power of at least 48 W - 90 sec
Note: Colors may vary depending on your screen.

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