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Cover marmelade builder gel Marshmallow - 15g
15,93 €

Cover marmelade builder gel Marshmallow - 15g

15,93 €
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About the product

Cover marmelade builder gel Marshmallow

He's finally here!

Our absolute winner and bestseller in texture, durability, and ease of operation, pinky marmelade, got its version in the cover edition.

This gel, with its protected formulations and colors, is all you asked for for the most cover natural pinky look.

The special texture of the marmalade allows absolute and complete control of the work and therefore, in a short time, became the best-selling product.

A gel that does not leak and is extremely easy to form is suitable for beginners and professionals. It can be used on natural nails, on extensions, on patterns, etc.

Extremely firm gel and easy to use.

It is dense and does not flow into the cuticles, which allows very precise application.

It is mandatory to use preparatory liquids as well as base gel (Magic airbond, primer, Dura 1 or Rubber clear / Booster, by preference).

Drying time: 2-3 min u UV lampi, 90 sec u komby UV/LED lamp

This gel is a hit among nail designers because of its irreplaceable texture!

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