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AcryGel Baby pink - 50g
39,68 €

AcryGel Baby pink - 50g

39,68 €
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About the product

Our brand new formula & absolutely the most natural colors on the market! This formula is special - it is not too hard and difficult to work on the nail using very hard pressure of brush to level and smooth it ,but also it is not too liquid and "chewy" or sticky to brush. It is soft enough to be easily,very fast applied,and smooth with a a few strokes of the brush.It will not leak into sides or cutticles . Excellent adhesion on the nail plate and increased dose of flexibility allows for best durability. Beautifull nude and natural skin looking tones , but completely covering - will delight your clients .

Packages are 15 /50 and megapack 100 gr !

ENG : - hybrid of acrylic and gel in 1 product

  • Best of acrylic : strenght, durability, hardness on exetremely thin sculptured nails
  • Best of gel : flexibility , odorless, without using monomers / only regular cleaner ! /, easy filing
  • It can be combined with all gel colours and gel polishes
  • Easy & fast application
  • Very thick , doesn't flow into cutticle area
  • MINIMUM of filing after proper use of product
  • Speeds up time , especcially in refill
  • Always perfect results for all types and lenght of nails
  • Curing time UV : 2 min , komby/led – 90-120 sec , depending of thickness

Sbs : 1. Prepare nails as usual – file, prep, prime or/and Magic Airbond

2.Apply any base for gel

3.With metal spatula apply desired quantity of Acrygel in ball that fits desired nail shape/plate

4.with soft brush which you make it wet in regular gel cleaner start forming AcryGel , make sure that You make surface smooth – you will have almost 0 filing after , cure in lamp

5.Minimum filing and top coat / or color gel and top coat /

6. In case of drawing french , use cover nude or pink , file it and draw french smile line with Bella or Renesmee / thin white french gel / , top coat

7. In case of doing "reverse" french , use it as usually, Acrygel cover - make "wall" , file it , apply white french AcryGel or combine it with any other colour gel / in that case close it with clear /.

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